What Do I Get?

Most people start with a basic kit:

  • 1 gLink base station
  • 4 gStakes
  • gThrive software


This will get you going, allow you to install in a field, move your gStakes, and see how conditions change over time. Additional gStakes are then available singly or in packs of 5, 10 or 20.


The gStakes start sending your data to our servers immediately. You can then see the conditions in your field at any time. There is no subscription cost for accessing your data. The only caveat is if you opt for the gLink base station that connects over the cellular network, the carrier does require a small subscription charge.


The gLink can be ordered with a solar panel to use standalone with your own 12V battery, or to operate from AC power.

How Does it Work?

The gStakes talk to each other and to the gLink base station over a proprietary radio link. The gLink connects to the Internet over your Wi-Fi network, or uses the cellular telephone network (and requires a low cost subscription). You can access your data from our secure servers over the Internet, whether on your computer, smart phone or tablet. Set-up is easy, and the gStakes are simple to move at any time.

Web or Mobile

Secure Internet

Wi-Fi or Cellular




Technical Specifications


  • Sample depth with top exposed: 5 to 12" (13-30cm). May be buried to any depth with appropriate extension cable
  • Sample rate: 10 samples/hour continuous
  • Communication: ISM band radio
  • Operating temperature: -4° to 176°F (-20° to 80°C)
  • gStake battery guaranteed for 3 years
  • Measurements:
    • Sunlight
    • Air Temperature
    • Soil Temperature
    • Soil Moisture (volumetric)
    • Electrical Conductivity (EC)



  • 90 to 240V AC (ships with US NEMA 5-15 3-pronged power cord)
  • or optionally solar powered
  • 9.5x11.5x5.5” (w/h/d) NEMA Box (24x29x14cm)
  • Pole or wall mounted
  • Uplink: Cellular modem or Wi-Fi 802.11n



  • Available via your browser or as a mobile application on Google's Android and Apple's iOS operating systems
  • Graphs that show real-time data on all metrics
  • Data stored on secure servers. Data exportable as a CSV file

gStakes and gLink base station

“As a farm manager for over 25 years in California, I was approached many times by companies selling irrigation sensor/control systems. The gThrive system is the only one easy enough to use and cheap enough to justify.”


Kurt Jacobsen

"As a 5th-generation owner of Willamette Valley farmland, I am one of 9 family members who want to strengthen the competitive advantages of medium-sized farms for the 6th generation owners, and our partner-farmers/operators who do all the work. gStakes offer huge, practical benefits to everybody. The farmer saves his scarce management time during peak growing season. He and his crew can measure the soil moisture of all his fields, anywhere, anytime, from anyplace. Farmers can stay ahead of the seed dealer field men who now have to visually inspect fields, to get top-quality crops. And as a minority interest, absentee owner who wants to encourage hi-tech products, I try to be sure that our farm keeps its competitive advantage compared to other owners."


Rob Lancefield, farmland owner, near Amity, Oregon

"gThrive gives me ground truth – where I can listen to the soil across the field in real-time. Irrigation during pollination is critical.  Pivots with variable rate sprayers help, particularly with data from gThrive.  gThrive tells me if and where my soil is thirsty, saving water, costs and crops."

Harn Soper, Founder of Sustainable Farm Partners

"gThrive’s got a really simple mobile interface. Their display fits nicely on my smartphone and the real time reporting for multiple parameters is really clear. All in a few quick clicks, right from my truck. I know how wet fields are, if the pivot ran, how hot my fields are, and more. I don’t have to go to back to the office and log in via my computer."


Troy Benjegerdes, mid-west row crop farmer

"I like gThrive: your software is helping real FARMERS preserve (and create) REAL jobs by getting more from their farmlands using less water. gThrive not only helps farmers quantitatively "do more with less" (increase productivity) -- it even helps them qualitatively do 'BETTER with less' (by conserving water and saving the environment!)."

Navi Radjou, frugal innovation thought-leader



See what Navi has to say about us during a 1 minute excerpt of his TED talk below. The full version is available here.


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