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Interested in selling more products or services to your customers?


You can sell gThrive hardware and software to your customers. gThrive also enables you to offer a new consulting service to your growers . Read on to learn more.


Resellers, irrigation dealers, and others can become a gThrive reseller. Dealers, Irrigation installers and others can also:

  • Offer installation services to growers who are interested.
  • Sell gThrive as a compliment to new irrigation installations. The gThrive system eanbles you to monitor your new irrigation installation and know how it’s performing, often before the grower does.


The second opportunity is to offer a new service to your customers. Agronomists, PCAs, dealers, and irrigation managers can offer a monitoring service based on the gThrive system.


You can offer gThrive-based monitoring as a service. From your smartphone, you can see the soil moisture, EC, soil temperature readings and more 10 times hourly for an irrigation block, field or ranch with a gThrive system. You’ll see:

  • See data and know if the irrigation sets are delivering water to a crop
  • Watch how deep the water reaches
  • Observe how salinity changes as fertigation runs
  • Track temperatures rising or falling (frost) in a field

to name a few uses of a gThrive system.


You can monitor and manage multiple irrigation blocks, fields, or ranches for many growers, all from the same application on your browser or smartphone. You can now manage more ranches and fields than by driving from field to field.


You can offer a gThrive-based monitoring service on a seasonal or monthly basis. You can price per acre, per farm, per crop depending on what’s appropriate to your business.


The gThrive system securely controls and protects every growers’ data. Each grower is ‘fenced’ off in the gThrive system so their data is separate and secure.


You can tightly control who on your staff can access which growers’ data. We provide strong password management and control.


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